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How To Look Natural But Beautiful Just With A Tiny Help Of Make-Up

Natural beauty is king.

Especially in summer tons of make up are not the best for our skin.

But hot summer nights are also combined with long summer nights and delicious food and good-tasting pre-dinner drinks and so on…🍸🍷🍹

So the next day we need some lightweight and refreshing makeup. 💆🏼


And here my special tipps for a fast and natural make-up:

I really love this concealer, many years I was using touche éclat from YSL but then I thought it might be time to try out something new.

And I am pretty happy with it. It´s maybe covering a bit more then touche éclat, but after I look night, I think thats actually exactly what we need after a long night, right? 🙃

| Cubby Stick from CLINIQUE |

In my opinion the classy chubby stick from Clinique is still one of the best beauty items ever.

I really love the lightweight colors perfect for a fresh retouch.

And the best, with its super glossy texture it also goes perfect as a blush 😉

I choose the color “mega melon”, because the light orange tone always fits amazing to

light tanned skin ( also in the end of summer I am just light tanned 😎

| Clear Eyebrow Gel |

And of course our eyebrows are a very important part to put our face “back in shape” 😌

For the most natural style I suggest a clear eyebrow gel like the one from benefit.

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