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I’ve always loved stuffed animals and I was pretty exited as the idea came up to shoot with giant stuffed animals made by German plush company Steiff.

Since I was young my black panther “Cozy” from Steiff was always my favourite cuddle buddy, maybe because I knew it was something special as I became it for christmas years ago.

As I saw this super fuzzy furry panda in life-size. 🐼 Β I really needed to have it on my arm, and actually I was talking with the panda the whole shooting, telling him how cute and lovely he isΒ 🙈

Fanny Imsel cuddling with Steiff stuffed animals (panda, Giraffe, puma)
Fanny Imsel cuddling with Steiff stuffed animals (panda, Giraffe, puma)

Some years ago I visited my boyfriend during his semester abroad in Chengdu. THE panda city, and of course I went to the panda park.

Actually it was a bit boring because, I mean they are so lazy, they didn’t do anything special except eating and sleeping. But I think never ever in my life I made that many videos. All the Chinese people around my were making films and taking photos, so of course I followed the flow, first not to feel bad while standing as a super tall girl in the first row and to block the short peoples few. But second, I really hoped the pandas are soon going to do something funny and stupid and I will have it on tape.




And if you also can`t get enough of pandas: 🐼🐼🐼

In friendly cooperation with Steiff & Triangle

Pictures shot by Vincenzo Buscemi

You can't get enough? Read more:


  1. So cute nice pics. I also like panda’s. Where did you buy the big panda bear. I desperatly want one. I also collect everything of panda’s. I bought a panda tshirt yesterday.

      • Fanny Fanny

        Oh btw. I have a small stuffed panda in a traditional Chinese shirt and a panda pullover with ears from China. So I think China is the place to go for you πŸ˜‰

    • Fanny Fanny

      Thank you My dear!

    • Fanny Fanny

      Thank you so much ❀️

    • Fanny Fanny

      Thank you Susi! <3

    • Fanny Fanny

      Thank you so much my dear! <3

    • Fanny Fanny

      Yes! <3

    • Fanny Fanny

      Thank you my dear! <3

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