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The Perfect White T-Shirt

It’s not just one item in our wardrobe. It might be the most versatile one and most loved. You are going to the supermarket? You are going to a concert? You are going to a party? You are going to bed? Yes, or white companion is always with us.

Some years ago I had like 6 white t-shirts/tops. Now I have one normal basic t-shirt. I bought it from the H&M mens’ department (there they have much better quality then in womens’, I would never buy a basic I am going to wear a lot from H&Ms normal line).

After now over four years with this t-shirt I though it is time, to pick that one “perfect” item  and after some intense research I want you present my results:

Which bra to wear with a white basic t-shirt

The best it is made of cotton with a tiny bit of nylon, so it is always getting easily back to shape after washing, I really like it when its made of thick material, so it looks like better quality.

To wear with: A nude bra

Tee: COS / Nude bra: OYSHO

the perfect white basic shirt combination with a camisole top

This tee, is now the most popular one, because it is a little bit different then the shapes before. Its more clean and it goes perfect with camisole shirt and dresses. The structure should be tiny bit ruffled.

To wear with: Camisole shirt over top


Tee: H&M / Top: TOPSHOP

This shirt is super chill (especially for sleeping ;-), best made of lightweight materials, and goes perfect made of lyocell so it is a little bit invisible 😉

To wear with: a bralette

Tee: T by ALEXANDER WANG via Mytheresa /bralette: LA PERLA 

pants: LA PERLA 

I don’t know why deep v-necks are right now not that trendy anymore, I actually like it a lot. Check out this picture. I mean its just wow!

To wear with: no bra or a lightweight bralette.


moods: via pinterest

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How To Wear: Blue

One of the most classic combinations ever, as seen on the fashion ikon Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, and always in trend.

Combine a blue denim or blue skirt with a blue chunky knit or a lightweight merino pullover.

Wear it with sneakers or block heel pumps, and I really love it when you see some skin around the ankles.

Actually everything goes perfectly together, if you are mostly wearing dark colors, why don’t you try a real dark navy top? 😍

Images via Pinterest

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As you all know I’m already a huge Luisa Cerano fan. I love their fabrics and their timeless style and designs.The looks are perfect to build up a basic wardrobe that will last for the next decades .

I love fashion but what I really love and it especially excites me, when it is put into a different context. Such as “fashion and art” or “fashion and music”. 😍

During the Berlin Spring/Summer 2017 fashion week Luisa Cerano created a special event linking fashion with contemporary dance.

They presented a piece exclusively choreographed by Canadian and Stuttgart based Eric Gauthier. World renowned international dancers  performed for 18 minutes and it was absolutely impressive.

Sadly, I was too focused and preoccupied of  the show and getting constant goose bumps,  so I totally forgot to take a video of it. But you could have followed the evening on my snapchat (👉name: fannael)

You may still watch the performance online: Luckily Luisa Cerano uploaded a video on Youtube. 👏

Eric Gauthier Dance Company Luisa Cerano Berlin Fashion Week
Eric Gauthier Dance Company Luisa Cerano Berlin Fashion Week
Eric Gauthier Dance Company Luisa Cerano Berlin Fashion Week

It was a wonderful day with a lot of impressions and I’ve met so many interesting people. 👏🏼

And I got a very nice souvenir from that special night with the German directors Annika Blendl  Leonie Stade and blogger Sarah from Sajasminrah (all wearing Cerano)

Annika Blendl Leonie Stade Sajasminrah Fanny Imsel Luisa Cerano Event Berlin Fashion Week


Recently I went back to my home town Munich to shoot with Luisa Cerano

and luckily we had an amazing sunny weather 😀 ☀️

thanks to the photographer Vincenzo Buscemi…

Well, he had a professional flash that pretended it is 22 degrees 😂

close up fannael having luisa cerano coat on the shoulders
Fanny Imsel holding Shopper bag from Luisa Cerano

Luisa Cerano is popular for high quality and soft materials.

I love the Trenchcoat I am wearing, he is blowing softly in the wind and accentuates the body in a discreet way 😍

Luisa Cerano ist bekannt für seine hochwertige Verarbeitung und weichen Materialen.

Ich liebe den Trenchcoat der mit seiner leichten Art im Wind weht und den Körper umspielt 😍

Vor kurzem war ich mal wieder Zuhause in München und habe einige Photos mit Luisa Cerano geschossen.

Und wir hatten wirklich Glück mit dem Wetter, 😀 ☀️

dank dem Photographer Vincenzo Buscemi, einem Sonnenschein von außen und von innen.

und ja o.k. er hatte einen professionellen Blitz dabei, der es so aussehen ließ, als wären 22 grad 😂

fanny imsel walking in luisa cerano head to toe

What I am wearing






Even though the weather was so good that it did’t rain, I was well prepared with this signal red umbrella from Knirps  👍

Auch wenn das Wetter doch so gut war, das es nicht geregnet hat, war ich trotzdem super vorbereitet mit meinem Knirps 👍

*in friendly cooperation with Luisa Cerano

Photographer Vincenzo Buscemi

Creative Bernard Werkmeister

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flatlay coulotte all in black look



The weather is getting warmer and it is finally ballarina time.

We can store our winterboots and get ready to enjoy some nice spring days.

I really love the classy combination of black flats, black pants and black shirt – an allover black look.

Sounds boring? Not at all, this outfit leaves a lot of space to play with different textures and shapes.

My favourite this season? Show your ankles, whether with coulotte or tarpered fit.


You want to know what it means about your personality when you love to wear an all-in-black look?


Get your black pants:



New: scroll down to see german version | Neu: Ich schreibe jetzt auch auch deutsch 😉

Langsam steigen die Temperaturen und es ist endlich wieder Ballarina Zeit.

Die Winterstiefel können wir in den Schrank packen und uns auf warme Frühlingstage freuen.

Ich perönlich liebe einfach die Kombination von schwarzen Flats, schwarzer Hose und schwarzem Shirt.

Klingt langweilig? Auf keinen Fall, dieses Outfit lässt viel Raum, um mit verschiedenen Materialen und Formen zu spielen.

Mein Favorit dieses Jahr? Knöchel zeigen, egal ob mit Coulotte oder Karotte.


Du möchtest wissen, was die Wissenschaft darüber sagt, wenn du den Komplett-Look in schwarz liebst?


| Shirt: Topshop |

| Coulotte: H&M |

| Ballarina: &Otherstories |


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Ok I am maybe going to annoy you pretty soon with this…

But as you all know, this season, I am a bit obsessed with the combination of a classy turtleneck and some elegant (and super big) earrings.

While creeping around on Tumblr I found this beautiful picture, which I really needed to share with you, I hope you like it at least as much as I do 😉


| Turtleneck from Jill Sander Navy via |

| Earrings from Rosa Castellbarco |

Courtesy on

Mood found on tumblr 



A good thing about Winter is wearing super nice material as a skirt that would be way to warm to wear in Summer.

This season and especially for the upcoming one, corduroy is going to be back.

Click through carousel to see more information.

| Skirt from Maison Margiela via |

| Bag from Salar |

| Boots from M Missoni |

| Knit from Acne Studios via |

Courtesy at

Photo Credit:

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