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Did finally change your life this year?

Here some advices to make you more successful and motivated during the day,

by… yes, by making your day a bit longer and getting out of the bed more early.

And its never to late to change your bad habits and stop being a slow starter:


1. Chill down with Digital-Detox

You wanted to stop hanging out till late in front of your phone and start to read more?

This tip combines both: Stop looking on the display at least 30 Minutes before you go to bed.

Better: Displace your mobile phone or tablet with a real paper book. The LED-light of the display increases your adrenalin level and reduces your melatonin, keeping you away from falling asleep.

And last but not least: by reading a book, you will definitely get smarter than when constantly surfing on Facebook, …

2. No heavy Food and no Alcohol before sleep

One of the worst things that causes bad sleep are heavy foods and alcohol.

Even though the alcohol is said to help you falling asleep, your liver is too busy with the depletion of the alcohol that the rest of the body can`t regenerate itself that well.


4. Don`t stress yourself

Start your day without any pressure of time – you are going to have a more relaxed day and more time

5. Breakfast

Plan a delicious and rich breakfast: it is not just health but will also motivate you to get out of bed easy.

6. Do some Exercises

Some fast and easy Fitness exercises like Yoga or Stretching are going to wake you up because they activate your circulation and you are going to have a good kickstart.

8. Drink water

Drink after waking up directly a glas of water, or ginger-lemon tea to work against the water loss you have during the night.

9. Force yourself to get up

It might be the best advice ever: Place your alarm as far away as possible from your bed, so you really have to get up, no matter what!

I really hope this tips and tricks are going to help you and your New Year`s Resolutions!

And what are your tricks to get you out of the bed in the morning?


Photo Credit: Hello Frankie

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I think everybody of us knows when it`s sale time and you see everywhere things you thought you always wanted to have. You buy a bunch of things that will never be worn and spend actually more money than you would usually. So, you fell for the magic of sale.

But every year we`re getting older and smarter so why not doing a smart sale shopping this time?

I have some tips and tricks for you, because I am also sick of having to many things in the closet you`re not going to wear and to few clothes you love to wear.

So now listen carefully and don`t forget to take notes, in general Sale is the best time to build up your wardrobe at it`s best, so don`t waste time:

1. Make a list

Write down all the things you`ve been missing in your closet for so long, thinks you`ve seen and wanted when they weren`t on sale or astonishing key pieces for special occasions you normally couldn`t afford to buy. (and don`t cheat: the occasions should be in the near future)

The crazy exciting party top (you know you`re going to wear, at least more then one time) is one of the best things you can buy during sale, because you never know who’s going to spill some red wine.

2. Do some research

Compare different stores, find out where you can get it the cheapest or the best “the perfect piece”.

And stick to the list you made, because clever spending on things is to spend it there where you have the most out of it, and maybe your new favorite piece.

3. Be Spontaneous!

Rhis might be the most tricky part of sale shopping, because the great thing about sale is making unexpected hot deals. So keep your Eyes open and if you see a thing you are falling in love with, thats more brash then the things you normally wear but you know you are going to love it still when you`re wearing it.

Sometimes you feel in the moment itself that you would regret it not to buy.

So Please buy it!

I really hope the tips will help you to make out the best of your christmas money!



Photo Credit:  Quentin De Briey


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