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The Perfect White T-Shirt

It’s not just one item in our wardrobe. It might be the most versatile one and most loved. You are going to the supermarket? You are going to a concert? You are going to a party? You are going to bed? Yes, or white companion is always with us.

Some years ago I had like 6 white t-shirts/tops. Now I have one normal basic t-shirt. I bought it from the H&M mens’ department (there they have much better quality then in womens’, I would never buy a basic I am going to wear a lot from H&Ms normal line).

After now over four years with this t-shirt I though it is time, to pick that one “perfect” item  and after some intense research I want you present my results:

Which bra to wear with a white basic t-shirt

The best it is made of cotton with a tiny bit of nylon, so it is always getting easily back to shape after washing, I really like it when its made of thick material, so it looks like better quality.

To wear with: A nude bra

Tee: COS / Nude bra: OYSHO

the perfect white basic shirt combination with a camisole top

This tee, is now the most popular one, because it is a little bit different then the shapes before. Its more clean and it goes perfect with camisole shirt and dresses. The structure should be tiny bit ruffled.

To wear with: Camisole shirt over top


Tee: H&M / Top: TOPSHOP

This shirt is super chill (especially for sleeping ;-), best made of lightweight materials, and goes perfect made of lyocell so it is a little bit invisible 😉

To wear with: a bralette

Tee: T by ALEXANDER WANG via Mytheresa /bralette: LA PERLA 

pants: LA PERLA 

I don’t know why deep v-necks are right now not that trendy anymore, I actually like it a lot. Check out this picture. I mean its just wow!

To wear with: no bra or a lightweight bralette.


moods: via pinterest

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Sometimes I feel just like opening my closet, grab something randomly and then combine it in a very relaxed way.

So for todays post I was picking some very old but basic items, that shouldn’t be missing in every girl’s wardrobe:

So I combined a classy black leather pants with a dark blue turtleneck and my Dr. Martens boots.

I searched for a leather pants like this many years. In the end I found it at H&M, the pants is still not kinda perfect, but it fits well.

I bought the black turtleneck last winter at COS and the Dr. Martens two years ago in Milan. Today I am genuinely presenting you the depth of my closet 😉

Fannael Fanny Imsel Style Fashion Blogger

I really like this combination and I never wore it like this before (why ever?!??)

It is a very clean and simple outfit that you can wear for every occasion and you are for sure going to feel comfortable.

You are nor over nor underdressed,

You can combine it with flats like I did or you can some heels to the outfit.

Fannael Fanny Imsel Style Fashion Blogger
Fannael Fanny Imsel Style Fashion Blogger

Today I am not going to insert some links to online stores,

the question for today is, what old stuff do you have in your closet that you can perfectly combine together

but you never did before?

Photocredit: @alexandragjerlaugsen

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Fashion is much more then just the newest trends, we want to follow, it`s not just about the “style”. In german we have two terms for “the unique ways in which people express themselves” one is “style” and the other term is german: “Stil”.